Trying to discover your life’s purpose can be frustrating if you don’t know where to start. It all begins when you know there is more to life and more to who you are. You are that person who can go out there and make a difference in the world by finding your purpose and being on the right path. You have everything you need right now for that discovery in this book.

start living

Are you living the life of your dreams?
You’ve probably heard someone say that you were born for a purpose— but how do you find that purpose? How can you know what you are supposed to do? Some mornings, you may feel that there’s something deeper you could be a part of. You feel the pull towards something but you can’t exactly pin it down—it eludes you and frustrates you. You might have heard stories from actors or musicians who have felt their calling their entire lives; the Mozarts of the world who have pursued their passions from the moment they were out of the womb. Deep down you wish you had this “knowing” to pull you forward. Frankly, you do: all it takes is a little digging to uncover the truth.
In this book you will discover your purpose by taking action steps that will help you get there. See this as a mini course because when you’re done reading (and writing), you will discover things about yourself you probably didn’t think of as important until now.

what readers are saying

"If you enjoy reading ebooks like I do, you can get through this book in less than 2 hours. I don’t mind short books as long as it’s filled with good actionable content which this ebook does. The format is great, there’s a section at the end of each chapter with a homework assignment. Nothing hard, some are quick and fun to do."
"I’m a recent college grad. I’m also a millennial who is going through a quarter life crisis. I took a chance on this book and I’m glad I did. I learned as a christian my God created me for a definite purpose and gave me the Holy Spirit as a guide. Will recommend to all my friends in similar situations."
Santa Alber
"Such an insightful book and definitely one that’s worth reading. This book has tons of great information that helped me find my purpose in life. One of my favorite concepts in the book is the notion of having a Vision. I can’t believe that the answer to my frustration has been within me all this time. By uncovering my ugly truths, I uncovered my purpose. Try it, I promise you’ll like it."
"Short and precise with steps, so I admire Patrick for having written this book! Overall, worth the quick read for a pick-me-up!"